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Corner of 5th and Lincoln, Hebron, NE
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If you would like to learn more about us, or volunteer - contact any member listed below.
We have a board meeting every third Tuesday of the month at 5:30pm - held at the theatre. Open to the public.

ACT (Arts Council of Thayer County) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charity group that was formed to operate the Majestic Theatre as a community theatre. This board of 16 dedicated Thayer County residents plans to continue on and promote film and other performing and fine arts in Thayer County.
Their first goal was to raise enough money to replace the outdated 35mm projector. By May, 2013, their dreams came true and the digital projector was installed. Renovation included new seats, new wall coverings and a new sound system.

The restoration of the cinema was a huge success for this community. Thanks to the amazing outpouring of funds and time, the new cinema is comfortable and clean, the movies are up-to-date, the sound system is fantastic and the visual experience is second-to-none!

ACT was founded in October, 2012 when the theatre's owners announced that they would have to close due to lack of funds. Because the film industry is requiring all theatres to transition to digital from 35mm, many small theatres are closing. The cost of digital projectors ranges from $50,000 to $100,000. After the announcement, a handful of members of the Thayer County Economic Development Alliance came together to begin fundraising for the digital equipment.
The group immediately decided to form a nonprofit to promote the arts in Thayer County. ACT became incorporated in March, 2013. That month they began managing the theatre which involved learning how to run the 35mm projector and all other aspects of the business. Since then all operations and renovations have been done by generous and committed volunteers dedicated to preserving and maintaining the Majestic for the entertainment and education of Thayer County residents and visitors.
Fundraising continues. Plans are underway now to eventually, purchase another digital projector for the second cinema.

The Arts Council of Thayer County meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Majestic - 5:30pm start time.

Some meetings may be canceled during the holidays, so please email us to check.

Majestic Theatre - Hebron Nebraska

ACT has an elected a board of directors from the group of volunteers that meet monthly.

President: Carlece Kenner (cmkenner@thayercountybank.com)

Vice President: Kristy Lukert

Secretary: Ranae Hintz

Treasurer: Deb Craig

Directors/Team Leaders: Crystal Fangmeier, Tamara Deepe, Kurk Wiedel, Lloyd and Marion VanCleef, Jackie Haller, Steve Delay, Rita Luongo, Ranae Hintz, Diane Wettstien, Al Jeppson, Buchannan Tietjen, Chuck Fink,

Non Director Team Leaders:  Kelsey Jeppson, Gary and Sue Mussman, Dee Jalas, Kathy Retzlaff, Megan Lukert, Sydney Escritt, Dakota Cherney

Tech & Projectionists: 
Rita Luongo, Crystal Fangmeier, Kristy Lukert, Cody Pachta, Trevin Sebek, JD Anderson, Rick Hintz

Business Manager: Cathy Dick

Past President:  Crystal Fangmeier

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